Name       : Shrirang Khandekar

Hobby     : Photography, Observing Life, Listning to Music

I am an amateur photographer for last so many years. I have tried to capture this beauty, called life, through camera. My profession gave me good amount of opportunity to travel and I have tried to capture as much as possible in the camera.

The digital revolution has set us all photographers free of monetary constraints. In film and slide camera days each click meant a dip in our pocket. The worth of that click would be known only after the roll was developed. That constraint helped us perfect our techniques. But at the same time we thought multiple times before capturing a frame and in the process have lost many moments that were in twilight zone. With digital freedom, of click-edit-modify-beautify-save or delete, we are now set free to bring out our creativity to the full and present it to the world.

Though images can express a lot, everything can not be captured in pictures and photos. Over and above, an idea articulated powerfully in words can result in multiple image frames in the minds of readers, at least one image per reader. 

This blog of photo-essays is an attempt to combine images and words to express my perception of the reality called life.

Do visit my photo-site : www.flickr.com/photos/shrirang_khandekar/


One thought on “About

  1. i never knew that you are so sensetive and you write so good, i had tears in my eyes. fathers show they are so strong but they are so weak i wish netu she does well in her studies and make you both proud

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