The Bubbleman

On a Sunday afternoon we were roaming in the Hyde Park of Sydney. It was a bright sunny afternoon and the park was full with people of all ages. On one of the walkways we came across this crowd of children, parents and other by-standers intently watching a man, a bubble-man…rather a soap bubble-man.

The man first made small bubbles and blew them in the air. The flying array of small colorful soap-bubbles attracted a good enough crowd around the man.

The man then dipped a long U-shaped tube in his bubble-solution and pulled it out with a soap-film between the arms of U. He then started blowing air in the film. Soon it formed the bubble which grew larger and larger. And then he swiftly let the bubble loose from the tube. The bubble floated in the air and went up and up.

The bubble-man kept making more bubbles in the hope that a few folks would invest in his bubble-making solution.  The kids soon became restless. They wanted their parents to buy the magic solution from the bubble-man. The parents were not too keen to invest.

So the bubble-man asked some of the children to come forward and blow air into the bubble. The kids filled their lungs full with air and blew it in the film with full energy. The bubble became large and flew in the air.

Now some parents were buying the wares from the bubble-man, and soon many bubbles started floating in the air……..

……. and then they burst in the air, like all bubbles are destined to !


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