Towards Bliss – The Hogenakkal Way

Hogenakkal Waterfall

The majestic waterfalls on the river Kaveri at Hogenakkal is a must visit place in South India.

The word Hogenakkal means smoking rocks. The word Hogenakkal is formed of two words hoge (smoke)  and kal (rock). When the water falls on the rocks it appears as if smoke is emanating from the top of the rock because of the force of the water, hence Hogenakkal (smoking rocks).

Kaveri descends to plains at Hogenakkal and its water cuts through the rocky terrain creating numerous waterfalls. The best season to visit this place is immediately after monsoons when river is flowing in its full force.

However, the title of this blog is inspired by two more attractions for which Hogenakkal is famous for in addition to the majestic falls.

The waterfalls sooth one’s eyes and ears and then it is time to relax one’s body.

The Masseurs of Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal is famous for its skillful masseurs. They are called malishkarans or mystic masseurs. They are professionals armed with oils, powder and the right knowledge of the 14 massage points in the human body. The massage time is typically half an hour.

The Natural Therapy

Getting full body massage by the masseurs is only the first step towards body relaxation. The next step is enjoying nature’s massage by placing oneself right under one of the waterfalls. And there is no time limit for this natural therapy.

Towards the bliss

How can mind stay far behind in demanding its own share of relaxation once the body gets treated with such pleasures.  It is then natural for one to move upstream, find a smooth rock and blissfully fall asleep under the gentle sun while listening to the sound of flowing water. The only one thing that is capable of bringing one back to this world from that bliss is the roar of one’s empty stomach.

Fried and fresh

Hogenakkal is also famous for its tasty river water fish. The locals at Hogenakkal take care of keeping the hungry stomachs at peace by serving fresh and fried fish caught from the river. These fish are supposedly very tasty. Being a vegetarian myself I cannot personally vouch for this claim though it appears very authentic to the eyes.

For the Veggies - fresh rice, rassam and dosa

The vegetarian stomachs are not so lucky though they also do not go hungry. They get freshly steamed rice and ever-available ‘dosa’ along with ‘rassam’ made with plenty of garlic.

Hogenakkal does offer that ever elusive bliss, albeit only for a few hours, to the tired minds and bodies of us metro dwellers. Experience it yourself once.


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