Spot the Differences

Nathmalji ki Haveli, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Nathmalji-ki-Haveli is one of the notable Jaisalmer attractions. It was the residence of Diwan Mohata Nathmal who was the Prime Minister of the place during that period.

I have heard two different stories about Nathmalji ki Haveli.

The first one comes from a TV documentary. It says that two architects approached Nathmalji to allow them to build his haveli (Mansion). There was healthy competition between two of them. To satisfy both of them, Nathmalji allotted construction of left side of his Haveli to one and the right side to the other with the caveat that the entire haveli should have a uniform look as if constructed by a single architect. The architects were so skillful that for a casual observer both the sides look very similar yet they maintained subtle differences between the two sides.

The internet story is somewhat different and goes as follows. Two brothers named Hathi and Lulu were sanctioned with the responsibility of the construction of this magnificent haveli. They started building the haveli simultaneously with each brother concentrating on one side of the haveli. The result of building it simultaneously showed up with different left and right sides when work was completed. However, it didn’t look too obvious and one notices it only when one observes it a bit closely.

Well, see it for yourself. Try to spot the differences!!

Let’s start from the gallery over the main entrance. Observe very closely.

Have you already spotted some differences?


Then here are some clues for you. Lets start with two sides of the main window……

Left side
Right side

Notice the difference in the pattern of grill, the pillars, and the design and shape of the tiny windows.

Now the next clue, subtle differences in design and pattern of smaller windows on the two sides……

Left side window
Right side window

Now the last clue, notice the beam pattern below the gallery on both sides….

Left side
Right side

Now let’s enter the haveli……and no clues here.

Inner court of Nathmalji ki Haveli
Inner court of Nathmalji ki Haveli


Then it’s time you visit the haveli and see it for yourself !!

Start planning your trip right away……


One thought on “Spot the Differences

  1. Good work Shrirang ! Most importantly the photos are so useful to me at this juncture (I am a student). Naveen

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