Gimme a break !!

Place: Observation point of Kundalika valley, 80 km away from Pune.

Time: 11:30 am.

This is one of the picturesque locations around Pune. A “must visit” place for photographers. 11:30 am was bit late for morning shoot and too early for evening shoot. Yet I was here because it was my first visit. We had been to Tamhini for waterfall shoot. My friends obliged me by taking a detour and driving me to this place on our way back.

The day was sunny. Yet there were good number of white clouds in the blue sky. The valley was lush green after recently concluded rains. Moss had gathered even on the straight rock-faces of the valley. I could hear the sound of white water rapids of Kundalika River from down below the valley. Chirping birds and butterflies were abundant around the observation point. And no  human being other than three of us was there to disturb this divine harmony of the nature.

So we thought! We started silently capturing this divine beauty in our cameras, and the nature’s harmony in our minds. But soon we heard a hoarse male human voice from down below the cliff, puncturing the harmony of nature.  The voice was too loud to be ignored. We moved closer to valley to find whose voice it was and saw this guy standing on the tip of the cliff below, singing loudly a song from Hindi film, “Shining in the setting sun, like a pearl upon the ocean, come on heal me…..Girl heal me… la la…ha ha…ho”.

He was standing there facing the valley, hands stretched, both ears plugged by earphones attached to his mobile device in the shirt pocket and…. his eyes were closed.  I am sure, he was day-dreaming himself as the hero of the song, and singing along loudly the song being played on his mobile device. He “thought” he was singing, we thought he was bellowing.

Soon he received a call on his mobile phone. He started talking in same loud voice with caller. “Thank you for calling me. I am sorry I cannot talk business now”. Obviously it was a business call. The call continued, “Your work is important but I cannot take it now sir. …. I am out on vacation for 3-4 days. Last few days were very hectic and I am tired of routine. ….. So I am taking a break sir…… Thank you for understanding sir….. Please call me 4 days later.” The call was over.

Again, he closed his eyes, started playing the digital music on his mobile, singing along loudly with his eyes closed and ears plugged by the earphones, impervious to anything else around.

The gentleman, looking for a break from routine, was not able to break himself free from his digital accompaniments that were keeping him connected to his daily routine! Even the divine beauty around was incapable of separating him from his digital buddies.

Gimme a break, man!


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