Last weekend was a long weekend. I wanted a break from work and therefore I had booked myself into this hotel far away from home over the long weekend. All the rooms of this hotel were pool facing. Each room had a small sit out overlooking the large swimming pool in the midst of nicely maintained garden. This hotel is particularly well-known for the hospitality of its staff. It was truly world-class. They made every guest feel like he/she belongs to the royalty.

One evening I was enjoying my tea watching the garden and pool from the sit out of  my room. I noticed a fully dressed-up hotel executive strolling around the pool. I thought he must have gone there to fetch something from the garden. But he kept marching around the pool. Then I noticed a lone swimmer inside the pool. And I realized that this executive was providing company to that lone swimmer. Soon the swimmer came out of the pool, covered himself in the towel and rested in the poolside chair with a cigarette for himself. The hotel executive provided company to this guest throughout his stay in and around the pool.

I said to myself  “wow, that’s called the hospitality”.

In the meanwhile my teenager kid, who had quietly entered the sit out and was standing next to me, said “Dad, isn’t this hotel staff funny? Shouldn’t that executive wear ‘Baywatch like’ uniform when at poolside? Isn’t it a torture for the swimmer to chat with a fully dressed-up person at poolside? And isn’t it a bigger torture for the executive to give company to the swimmers while wearing a formal dress?”.

Hmmmm !!!


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