Balancing Act

What you see in this photo is a huge rock doing the balancing act. This is the balancing rock of Jabalpur. This rock is situated near the base of Madan Mahal fort. Wikipedia describes it as an eroded volcanic rock formation. It is said that the upper rock (balancing stone) is inclined at three degrees and the surface area of two rocks in contact with each other is about six square inches. This balancing rock has withstood the earthquake of 6.2 on Richter scale. 

If the solid unconditional support of six square inches can help such a huge rock to balance itself through ages and earthquakes, wont a few moments of our unconditional love and support help people around us do the balancing act in their lives, especially in their troubled times?


4 thoughts on “Balancing Act

  1. swagat (welcome nahi-swagat-swatahshich bolne) chhan hote. sometimes rocks act as human and humans act as do u like it?

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