Zip Zap Zoom

One of my childhood friends discovered me on Facebook. We were together in primary school for about 4 years. The last we saw and spoke with each other was when we changed our schools at age 10.  And last week, after 40 long years, I get a mail from her asking me whether I still remember those days. Off-course I did and so I replied. That started a long chain of mails in which we exchanged our personal details etc. 

In one of the mails I asked my friend, what made her think of me after 40 long years? The response said, “At this phase of life one wants to look back into the days of innocent childhood and, if possible, meet all the friends of those days”. It was a very simple explanation but the phrase “this phase of life” kept sticking its neck out every time I read those lines. 

Life always looked like a continuum to me. There were no phases. School … collage … job … career … family … promotion … higher responsibility … better and exciting career opportunities …. One thing followed the other at a fast pace. The life was moving Zip…Zap…Zoom for me without any apparent phases. 

Were there really no phases? Or, they were very much there but I never noticed them? 

Is it possible that I jumped into the driver’s seat of this fast moving car called “career” even before I realized, and soon became so focused on my career objectives that I never noticed the changing surroundings and the passing phases of life? Did I develop the proverbial tunnel vision? (Tunnel vision is the loss of peripheral vision with retention of just central vision, resulting in a constricted circular tunnel-like field of vision.) 

May be. May not be. Whatever the case be, but now I am going to take cognizance of phases of life coming my way. For, fast approaching is the time to get out of this fast moving car, and I better know which phase of life I am going to soon land into.


3 thoughts on “Zip Zap Zoom

  1. Maybe the “phase” view is more of a girl thing. Even I tend to think of my life like that. I even have phases as small as 6 months to remember! 🙂
    Nice picture.

  2. Shreerang, You are a good writer. This is possible because you are or was a good reader and then a good teacher/proffesor.

    Good pictures. You must be having a good treasure of pictures. I also have I will keep sending you. But these pics are not snpeed by me.


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