Let’s make it happen !!!

April 2010. First month of another financial year. Time for another senior management offsite for goal setting. All these offsites are same. You are holed in a beautiful five star property somewhere in India. Unfortunately the scorching heat and humidity outside makes it the worst period of the year for venturing out during the day. And, therefore you do not have a choice. On your own, you prefer a cool five-star A/C conference room and focus on goal setting!!! The location this year happened to be Goa. 

This year, however, was different from all previous years. Our division was deemed as “grown-up” by the corporation and we were deemed fit to be a profit-center as against erstwhile cost-center. And, naturally, we now had to earn our own revenue. Though it was a welcome challenge for all of us, the targets were staring at us. All the discussions were lively and full of energy & excitement. It did not really matter at which location on earth we were located.  Nor was the not-so-great weather outside really of concern to us. Three days of planning sessions ended with a strong resolve, “Let’s make it happen!” 

The hotel had arranged for water-sports on Sunday morning before check-out. We were at the beach, others with their swimming gear and me with my photography gear. It was high tide and the sea was very choppy. And there I captured this photo that made my day. This photo also echoed the sentiments of our offsite and so I printed them on the photo. 

Here it is.


One thought on “Let’s make it happen !!!

  1. yess!!its a perfect pic for the title.Against all odds,the Tide,the scorching sun…but the spirit of the sportsman was all high to touch his goals.I personally liked the pic coz it relates to my day to day situations when i “make things happen”.Mihir will also agree with this.:)In fact it represents all of us in Corporate World.:)

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