…..and they came marching

The summer in India has already begun. The temperature in Pune city has been crossing 40 C (104 F) in last few days. It is still another two months for the rainy season to begin. However, a few unseasonal showers in summer season are common in this region.

The skies were clear on the entire day of Friday April 16th. It was past 6:00 pm and the sun was setting on the western horizon. We noticed gathering of clouds on the eastern horizon. The white clouds were gathering at a very fast pace and they were getting thicker and thicker. Some black clouds were following them. It was a very beautiful sight. Soon some of white clouds started wearing a crimson look. Gradually, all of them turned crimson and finally there was no white cloud left in the sky. They were all looking angry and were marching towards the city of Pune. The sky was soon occupied by black clouds with just a dash of red. And then we had the unseasonal showers. Next day there was not even a trace of a cloud in the sky.

It was like a warrior returning to his ladylove after a long time, with all the gusto, domination, and eagerness to shower his pent up energies on her, but finally getting himself dissipated  in far more encompassing embrace and passion of his ladylove.


2 thoughts on “…..and they came marching

    1. wow!!Beautiful.can’t believe…looks like volcano.For a moment i thought it was Iceland Volcano pics.Lovely painting by NATURE.

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