Point of View

I stepped out of the large prayer hall of the Namdroling Monastery at Bylakuppe in Karnataka. My eyes were fixated on another golden shrine right opposite. As I started walking towards the shrine, my friend suddenly stopped me and said “Watch out! There is a puddle of water on the way. Just step around it.”

I took two more careful steps forward now keeping my eyes on the puddle with the clear intention of keeping it out of my way. And before I could realize, the same puddle that I was trying to avoid a moment ago, became the object of my interest. For, it now was reflecting a part of that Golden Shrine and thereby turned itself golden.

See what wonders can take place by just changing the point of view. That same puddle that was “avoidable” one moment ago now gave me a memorable photograph to cherish for years to come. Likewise I wish, in every moment of my life, I am able take “that” point of view which shows me His golden reflection in every soul surrounding me.


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