Traffic Cop Immortalized?

It was evening 6:00 o’clock when I first visited this, very busy,  traffic circle in Jabalpur. The road junction was crowded with vehicles and living beings. The place was abuzz with all kinds of noises, the prominent sound being that of shrill whistles of traffic cops. I somehow managed to cross the road and looked around. Then I noticed this statue right in the center of traffic jam. I could not recognize whose statue it was. (Can you ?) It looked like a giant traffic cop trying to control the traffic by raising his arm. Immediately the naughty thought ran through my mind, that the Jabalpur folks have immortalized their traffic cops by erecting this statue in the circle.

I did not have my camera with me at that time. So I returned the next day morning to capture this photo. There was no traffic at that hour, but I was to leave Jabalpur in next hour or so.  So I had to be content with the thin traffic present at that hour.

But I did ask someone about whose statue it was. And pat came the reply – Rajiv Gandhi.

Jokes apart, didn’t Rajivji play the role of traffic cop in Indian politics? Didn’t he raise his hand and stopped us Indians right in the tracks and turned our energies towards modernisation? Aren’t we today reaping the fruits of technology revolution whose seeds were sown in the times of Rajivji?


2 thoughts on “Traffic Cop Immortalized?

  1. Ha ha ha.. hmmm… well, if Rajiv Gandhi had taken a loan for studying abroad, he sure would have taken up the job of a traffic police at an hourly rate, in his spare time!!
    I can’t imagine if he had got an Indian employer!

  2. That is an interesting observation. On another note I remember a couple of lines which I read about Rajov Gandi in Mid-day around the time when RG was the PM.

    Bharat mera desh hain and
    Main hoon India ka citizen.

    Guess sums it all.

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