I was visiting a flower and vegetable show arranged by Poona Women’s Council in Sambhaji Park, Pune. The exhibition was spread over a large area. My attention was caught by what looked liked mannequins from a distance kept at the center of exhibition. It was quite unusual to find mannequins in a flower & vegetable show and I could not guess the reason for the same. However, on moving closer I realized that the mannequins were very beautifully dressed-up in clothes designed using flowers and vegetables.

Here is a closer look at their tastefully designed clothes:


But the signature of the designer was seen at the feet of one of the mannequins. It was hidden in the legging designed using a delicate creeper. The creeper was grounded in the soil below, and thus bonded the feet which were otherwise free to roam the world to a very small piece of earth.

This is how the boundless human spirit gets shackled to this world by Maya by means of self-created web of delicate human bonds.

Hats-off to the designer artist!


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