Shoot at Tamhini Waterfall

The rainy spell of about 2-3 weeks followed by a week of scanty rains provides the grand opportunity to us photographers to capture the game of hide-and-seek played between the Sun-god and the Rain-goddess across the landscape of refreshingly alive lush green hills, mountains, lakes and waterfalls. So I immediately agreed to accompany when my friends, photography gurus, invited me for a photo shoot in Tamhini ghat near Pune.

The scenic route, marked in bold on the map, begins from Chandani Chowk on Dehu-Katraj section of highway NH4 and passes through villages Pirangut, Paud, Mulshi, Palase, Varak, Tamhini and then descends into Konkan region via Tamhini Ghat. The route passes through the hilly region on both sides till it reaches the Mulshi reservoir. Water from the Mulshi dam is used for irrigation as well as for producing electricity at the Bhira hydroelectric power plant, operated by Tata Power Company LTD.

This shoot was dedicated for waterfall photos especially to capture close-ups with silky white blurred motion of gushing water. The rainy season produces lot of seasonal waterfalls in this region and the first one that you come across is at Palase. As soon as I spotted the waterfall I shot some photos which were termed as “stock photos” by my expert friends and they moved closer for the blurry close-ups.

Unfortunately it started drizzling and we were forced to beat the hasty retreat into our car. We moved along the road towards Mulshi and soon the drizzle turned into heavy showers. As we were passing along watching the surroundings through the rolled-up windows, we were noting down various spots good for shoot once the rain stopped.

Though this heavy downpour was much needed at this hour, and driving in such weather itself was a big fun, we kept praying to get at least an hour of break to shoot a waterfall from close. We soon passed Mulshi and also crossed the Dongarwadi phata, famous for its vantage point.  The air was filled with thick fog and the waterfall on the other side of the hill was teasing us. Finally we turned around and reached the spot we had finalized for the shoot.

While waiting for the downpour to stop we listened to Kailash Kher singing in his Sufi style on the car stereo. After about twenty minutes the downpour reduced to a light drizzle and my friends decided to venture out. Armed with umbrella in one hand and tripod in another they jumped right inside the waterfall. I was not so prepared either to risk my camera getting exposed to even light drizzle or to get down in the waterfall and walk upstream along with them. I stayed behind and decided to take my chances from the periphery of the waterfall.


While I was closely observing the techniques of my expert friends and was amazed with their dedication, one of them started climbing a big rock, the same rock from which he had slipped in the water the previous year. This gentleman had completely submerged  along with his camera and tripod and had to spend a little fortune to get his camera repaired. Still this year he was moving-on undeterred to accomplish his incomplete mission.

Looking at his bravery, my jaw was about to fall on the road!!  Just to stop it from falling, I held it firmly in my hands and tilted my face upwards. And, lo and behold, I had this scene in front of me. Just pulled my camera out and started clicking. What you see here is just the top half of the waterfall. The rest would not fit in my frame. This one shot made my day.

And finally here is my shot of silky white blurred motion of gushing water.

Mission accomplished !!!


20 thoughts on “Shoot at Tamhini Waterfall

  1. very nice scenery in the first pic. the waterfall pictures and the last one – very nice too.

    keep posting!

    from Trinidad, West Indies

  2. Oh, d40. same with me but my DSLR is more of a relaxer than a worker. He is in my cabinet now. Unused for 3 days already.

    Please check my blog:

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