Let me start with a very simple question: “Can you identify the person in this photograph?”

And the straight answer is “Coolie”.  Right?

Let me re-phrase that question. “Whose image is this?”

Any answers different than the previous one?

OK, OK. Before you stop reading further, let me answer that for you.

This is YOUR image. Not just yours, but mine as well, and as well of every human being around us.

This image represents each one of us busy carrying some kind of load during our journey of life. For some the load is physical, for some it is mental.

Lucky are the ones whose load is physical.

Their journey has a definite start and end point, the size of the load is known and reward is pre-negotiated. Their struggle ends once they unload. They are then free to enjoy the reward till they decide to pick-up another load.

But how about the rest who always carry the mental load, of the past that is now history, and expectations from future which is yet to materialize?

They are so engrossed, looking at the past and expecting from future, that they forget to negotiate the start point, the end point and the reward. All along the journey of life they keep running with tons of load, without remembering where they started, and without worrying when will they stop.

Will they ever get a reward? And if they do, will they know how to unload and enjoy?


One thought on “Coolie

  1. Each of us can see our own self in this pic. In fact we are so used to this “load” that we live and enjoy this load being on our shoulders….imagine one fine morning you get up and realize you don’t have any load on your shoulders… will end there perhaps because its our “Karma” to take load,live,unload it.. take fresh load…and never expect reward ….a true teaching of “The Bhagwat Geeta”

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