This is a photograph of a daily-wage worker from fresh vegetable market (called Mandai in Marathi) of my city.

Mandai is the most favourite haunt of all photographers in search of portraits. Likewise we 6 photographers landed in the mandai at 7:00 am on one of the weekends. We were roaming around in search of interesting personalities. The people in the mandai – the vegetable vendors, shopkeepers, workers and buyers too – are now used to see amateures like us zooming on Mandai dwellers on weekends. Some of them queried whether we were press photographers and what is the purpose of our shoot, just to make sure that they are not missing on a chance to appear in media. They quickly ignored us once they realized that we are amateure photographers and can do no good or harm to them.

But not this lady !  This woman was curiously watching us photo-walking around. She realized some of us were trying to photograph her while she was lifting the baskets. She was very fast in her work and we were not able to capture her movements in very sharp images. We kept on clicking and deleting, reshooting and re-deleting our photos and all the time nodding our heads from side to side. After a while, she approached us and asked if we would like to photograph her. And then she posed for us !

The story does not stop there. She, then, inspected images in all 4-5 cameras and judged mine as the worst of the lot. She told me that I need to practice more to improve.  The photo above is the one that was rejected by her.

I was simply amazed by sheer confidence of this lady. I regularly come across lot of young people who join workforce straight after completing their college education. How many of them possess the inquisitiveness and confidence of this lady ? I would say a select few !  Why not all ?


3 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. I think all artists think alike.
    This reminds me of a post on my English blog (PurpleMoon) written long time ago. Here’s the link.
    although my pictures are not as good as yours, I guess the content would amuse you. I took the pictures in Mahatma Phule mandai, the place I am going to hit first when I come to India in December.
    I really miss the hustle-bustle of Mandai here. It is an experience no one would miss if they are in India for the first time.

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